Mikes review - 7/21/99 Star Lake, Burgettstown, PA

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Date: Wed, 26 Jul 2000 21:53:24 -0700
From: Charles Dirksen cdirksen@earthlink.net
Subject: 7/21/99 Star Lake Mike's Groove
7/21/99  Star Lake, Burgettstown, PA
Mike's Song opens the second set.  It's opening is standard.  Maybe a bit
slower than usual.  Tramps jam at 2:51.  Trey lets loose digital delay loops.
The jam has an early-Mike's Song (early 1990's) feel to it.  Very dark, raw,
rough, plodding.  But not really that exciting or inspired, IMO.  Very
repetitive.  Nothing melodic about it.  Lots of heavy chords from Trey.  
Nothing pretty.  There are some strong riffs here and there, to be sure, but
it gets really messy around 9:15.  Doesn't sound coherent or centered.  It's,
I suppose, similar to the Cypress Mike's Song in that it is ferocious and
powerful.  But it isn't as SIIIIICK as that version, overall, in my opinion.  
Trey starts riffing in a scary, Fripp-like manner around 10:50, and doesn't
quit!  Fish belts out twisted shit in this jam, too!  It's hard to hear Page
over all this sound -- he's adding to it with a lot of chords, it sounds like.
At 12:58 Trey starts playing the closing chords of the tramps segment, and
then, at 13:18, Simple begins.
This was definitely a BADASS Mike's Song.  It's just not something I'd ever
need to (or want to) hear again.  If you were impressed by this, then Cypress
Mike's Song will likely school you.
Weekapaug starts up -> after Caspian (which followed My Left Toe, and Simple).  
Mike starts TEARING IT UP throughout the end of Caspian (which was
cacophonious), clearly starting 'paug.  I guess Fish didn't hear him, or he
would have joined Mike and started the 'paug rhythm sooner.  Fish and Trey
come in together, after Mike gets a few seconds to himself to TEAR IT UP.  
Page and Trey don't come in on the lyrics together at first.  I guess Mike
threw them all off by RAGING throughout the final 30 seconds or so of Caspian.  
Which is a shame, since this could have been an especially strong, collective
-> (instead of simply Mike kicking ass).
Trey's soloing in the first few minutes of this 'paug is predictably strong
and melodic.  The accompaniment from Mike, Page (on piano) and Fish is
excellent. No surprises here.  Trey shreds masterfully around 5 mins, but this
isn't surprising or unusual.  "Quiet mode" at 5:30 or so.  Mike is especially
prominent, funking it up!! (6 mins)  Page and Trey are really mellow in the
background.  Fish maintains the 'paug rhythm with help from a cowbell.  
Creates an almost C&P rhythmic effect.  Trey is all rhythmic chords in here (8
mins) as Mike tears it up.  Fish starts going to town on his kit, too! (8:20)  
This doesn't last long, though.
Jam mellows a bit.  Trey plays really quietly in the background, repeating a
very cool riff that sounds remarkably familiar, frankly (I think I've heard
Bobby play this same funky riff in the jam segment of "Shakedown" -- in a
different key, of course). (10:15)  At 10:34 they all launch back into 'paug,
though!  Fish starts picking up the rhythm a bit, too.  Just a bit.  Decent
close, but nothing over the top. Closing chords kick in at 12:12.  Lyrics at
12:27.  Total time: 13:09.  B+ rating.. above average Mike's Groove, but
nothing "must hear" IMO.
two cents,

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