From: Charlie Dirksen
12/31/92  Matthews Arena, Northeastern, Boston, MA
(Rvwd 6/95)

Good, solid MikeS that jams right into the New Year.
Has a lot of spirit, and is very fiery in places.  It
has a typical MikeS feel to it, but with exceedingly
strong fills from everyone.  Oh, to have been at this
show!  Trey counts down starting at 30 secs to the
new year during the MikeS, and this Mike's tramps jam
(although they probably weren't on tramps at this
time) actually wails in time with Trey's countdown.
At the New Year, they launch from this MikeS into a
solid Auld Lange Syne jam, which segues fairly
smoothly into Weekapaug.  This segue gives me chills
whenever I hear it.. I wonder whether a NYE show will
ever contain a moment this glorious again (anno domini
2000??).  Week begins at 7:30 (yes, the MikeS->Auld
didn't take very long..).  On account of this segue
into the 'Groove, Mike doesn't get his center stage
solo in the opening, but he still does impressive
work in the opening of this groove (as if he were
soloing!).  Trey's playing is fairly magnificent, but
not as tight as I've heard him before (in this
beginning segment).  He jams really well for the most
part, but, again, the feel of this Weekapaug just
isn't as awe-inspiring AT THIS POINT (probably
because the segue out of the Auld was really quite a
Moment in Phishtory, and, well, it was hard to keep
that going..).

At 9:45 the jam takes on a really spell-binding feel
that touches a chord with me internally...  the
rhythm is still going, but the band drops down a
level and grooves.  The jam takes off again in short
order (with some very light NICU teases from Trey,
and somewhat of a 'Bonanza' tease/jam..).  This jam
is fantastic, though it mellows a touch around
11:30.  At 12:30 the jam is in one of those steady
but laid back sort of modes, building up steam.  Mike
funkily jams (as do Trey and Page).  Fish maintains
the beat.. the jam builds ever so steadily and
mightily.  This is an amazing Weekapaug!  These last
few minutes are so spectacular and life-affirming
that mere words could not reasonably articulate their
power and their grace.  Weekapaug just doesn't get
much better than this.  I should revisit 4/19,
because, upon reflection, I am skeptical that it
deserves an equal rating with this masterpiece.
Harpua follows it, for christ's sake.  17:16 total
time, meaning the Weekapaug was nearly ten minutes of
Solid Stuff (no space, no teases).  What a trip.. 8.5
rating.  (A-) Get it NOW!! NOW! This has got to be
one of The Best. (as I write this, I am stylin' on
the Halloween Reba, and must attest that it is my
favorite Reba jam out of my 57 versions.. this jam
brings chills to my spine whenever I hear it.. at the
show, this was one of those amazing moments of utter
ecstasy for me.. a moment which, unfortunately, not
everyone in this world is blessed enough to
Experience..but Ought to Be.. all you need is love
(and the milk of paradise!).