From: Charlie Dirksen

12/31/91 Memorial Auditorium, Worcester, MA (Rvwd 5/95)

MikeS is long and strong, but otherwise blahh.
Hydrogen doesn't kick in until 7:50 or so!!  Still,
the jam segment is good but not jaw dropping holy
shit far out, man.  Hydrogen is standard.  Weekapaug
kicks in at just after 11 mins, and Mike's opening
solo is hot as usual, but Page adds a little to it!!
Thanks to Page, it's an extra special, jamming
opening..  The jam segment starts out great.  Trey
practically plays the Little Drummer Boy theme, but
soon decides that he'd rather tease/play the Lion
Sleeps Tonight -- and jam, on this theme, he does.
By 15:30 or so, the jam is outrageous.  Trey really
gets into this Lion Sleeps Groove.  This version is
easily my second best of 1991, given this theme
jamming.  It ends at around 17:20 or so, so it is
significantly shorter than my favorite, 11/21/91, but
is logner and just better than most all of my other
1991 versions.  5.75 rating (B-/B).

two cents charlie