From: Charlie Dirksen
11/24/90 Capitol Theater, Port Chester, NY (Rvwd 4/95) I should probably announce that my copy of this show is rather poor, thus, my review of this Mike'S undoubtedly does not do it justice. With that said, this is a very curious show. Trey's parents were in attendance, and, well, it is too bad that Trey was not at his best. I heard many sloppy mistakes all over the place (you thought 9/13/90 was bad..). The Divided is effectively ruined by too many mistakes (from Trey, but sometimes from the others as well). It is still a funny show.. in that the Good Times Bad Times sounds as if it was DELIBERATELY f&cked up in the beginning, and then, dropped (that's right.. they just dropped it, after several glaring f*ckups and laughter from Trey..). It was "pathetic," as Trey put it.. but amusing. I really like the Possum at this show, though.. all those Manteca teases! MikeS is very ominous.. not especially perky or engaging. Kinda drags. It is the standard 6 minutes. The H2 is fine. Weekapaug is very good, and towards the end, gets extremely good, when Trey gets a clue and begins wailing with awe-inspiring control. Unfortunately, he seems pretty lost up until this point. The others are there, but in the background.. Mike, Fish, and Page just maintain the groove (which, upon reflection, is usually the case... outside of Mike's opening solo.. are there any versions of Weekapaug that have a drum solo from Fish? I don't have any..). Timing is around 15 mins for the whole Mike's Groove.. C- rating.