From: Charlie Dirksen
11/12/91  Georgia Theater, Athens, GA

This one slipped through the cracks.

Mike's opening lyrics are fun and sound like they are (at times)
spoken out of the corner of his mouth.  Trey isn't all that clean when
the second verse comes around (some fudged notes).  Tramps jam isn't
all that sweet (Page seems pretty laid back..), and Mike is just doin
the typical sort of thing for these old grooves.  Speaking of the
"typical sort of thing," Trey opens up at 3:34 sustaining in typically
eerie fashion.

This is the Paradigm of the Olde Mike's Song jam segments if ever
there was one.. Trey is off-key sustaining and goofing around at the
4:30 point.  At 4:43, though, early, he starts the chords to the
closing of the tramps jam, and then at exactly 5 minutes the
post-tramps jam (as I call it) begins, and is, you bet, a typically
eerie and hair-pulling mess for about 32 seconds, before the final
closing Mike's Song chords come in.  Trey's a lil active at the very
end, but nothing even vaguely melodious or impressive. (deliberately..
these old Mike's Songs deliberately sound as raw and hell-raising
as possible.. a great contrast to Hydrogen... nowadays, thankfully,
they are profoundly more clever in Mike's Songs, imo)

Hydrogen begins at 6:14.  Doh.. Trey slips up a little around 7:30,
which, if you've been following my reviews, automatically disqualifies
this Hydrogen as a good one (lest something truly amazing and unusual
occurs in some other part of the version.. yuh).  Other than Trey's
little fumble, the version is as delightful as Hydrogen gets.

Weekapaug takes over at 9:10.  Mike's opening soloing is very upbeat
and funky, and he let's loose a reasonably melodious and joyous
opening (although the very last note he plays sounds a bit forced and
awry).  Trey opens the jam segment powerfully, as usual for these old
versions, but in this case, he opens it up low on the 'doc rather
repetitively.  He is quickly pickin' for awhile, and not doing
anything especially melodious at all.  It is nevertheless a good olde
Weekapaug.  He is picking a note here, and a note there, to
repetitively strum on, until around 12:40 when he finally breaks out
of this and begins to noodle more mellifluously in Essentially
Weekapaugian fashion.  Trey's soloing around 14 minutes and beyond is
fantastic.. but not must-hear fantastic.  Closing segment at 14:32.
Total time 15:30.  Rating: C (i.e., typically excellent old 'Groove,
with absolutely no surprises at all).  There was a serious double
encore at this show btw and fwiw!! First, Yamar and BBFCFM, and then
Split and Memories! =^]

two cents