From: Charlie Dirksen
10/10/91  EMU Ballroom, Eugene, OR

You know that really groovy jamming ending of Fee, which
we all wish would one day explode into a deluge of
melodious sounds that goes on for about 10-20 minutes?
Well, Mike's Song segues out of the typical beautiful Fee
ending.. I wish they'd at least do THIS again sometime!

Trey is jamming like a big dog in this opening segment,
just whipping stuff up, amidst the standard chords and
melody.  Very active opening, with some very beautiful
Page, too (on piano).

Tramps segment at 2:40 (late.. this was a well-jammed
opening).  Based on crowd noise coming through the stage
mics, they'd be on the tramps.  Mike and Page are grooving
per usual in this opening.. but neither are Especially
Active, actually.

Trey comes in at 3:27 scarily sustaining, as usual for
this period of Mike's tramps jams.  Nothing.. just typical
crap from Trey.. doesn't last long, though.  Post-tramps
section begins early at 4:44, and Trey is still screwing
around on his 'doc, spookily sustaining.  Sounds
terrible.  (He's deliberately doing this of course, I just
have always hated it)  It just occurred to me that maybe
all this terrifying crap from Trey was specifically to
contrast with the serenity of Hydrogen.  I know it is
unduly lame of me not to have thought of this before..
because it seems so clear.  Now.  DOH!  I still think the
eerie off-key terrifying-effects crap in most of the old
Mike's Songs just SUCKS next to the gloriousness of Trey's
soloing in versions like 12/30/93, or Fox 11/11/95.. and
many more from recent years.

Final closing Mike's chords at exactly 6 minutes.
Hydrogen comes in at 6:26.  Kinda upbeat.. a bit quick.
Very nice, nevertheless... played perfectly.

Weekapaug at 8:55.  Mike's opening solo is awesome as
usual, especially snappy.  Trey is fretting around in
here, too.

When the jam segment opens up, around 10:40ish, Trey is
soloing loooow on the 'doc, fairly repetitively, but not
so much so that it is pallid.  He starts climbing up the
'doc, fret by fret, until around 11:45 he is in the
familiar range that Weekapaug Groove is best grooved on in
my opinion.  There's nearly a tease of the Lone Ranger
theme in here.. nearly.  ;)  Finally, around 12:56, Trey
starts passionately trilling, but it is tastefully done..
he's not throwing the jam overboard.  He continues soloing
beautifully, on typical Weekapaugian riffs. At 14:07, Trey
begins the closing chords, and the final closing segment
begins at 14:19.  I'm sorry I didn't mention Page, Mike,
or Fish.. they just were in the background on this
version, like they were on most of the old versions.. just
keeping the groove.. It is really only recently that the
BAND Truly SHARED in the Weekapaug groove, of course.
Total time 15:15.  C rating.