From: Charlie Dirksen
8/21/87 Ian McClean's Farm, Hebron, NY (Rvwd 3/95) If you know Ian, would you thank him for me? ;^) This is a really snaky version of Mikes Song. Mike sounds really weirded out (and it isn't my tape).. mildly amusing. This version kinda funks along in the beginning, i.e., is a steady, easygoing groove (with a mistake here and there, though). The jam segment of this MikeS is typical of the old versions, in that it sounds little like the versions we hear today. It's a free form jam at this point, which doesn't sound like the typical dark and plodding Mike's jam that we are used to. There's a lot of action from everyone, but it doesn't go anywhere in particular. It is extremely jazzy and chaotic (yes!!). The form appears to be formlessness.. a dizzying creativity that drips of Miles Davis. It is definitely unusual in this sense. Marley starts barking pretty fiercely right as the jam takes on a more solid (controlled) feel. By the 10 min mark, the jam is kinda trippy. This has got to be one of the longer and hotter early Mike's Songs, and is probably my favorite version from the 1986-1989 period. At 12 mins, Mike and Trey begin focusing on a weird improv ditty, that eventually mutates into the HYHU up theme (played slowly and off key). This HYHU theme is clearly done in a mocking sort of way ( is ;^); it is deliberately very lame. Mikes Song doesn't return, though. At about the 15 min mark, the lamest HYHU Ever That Was ends daintily. This ending is a real downer, for sure, but the fucking MikeS was really jazzy and hot, and I'd have to give it a B+. This show has a great set list, folks. In case you missed it, here it is (what this list doesn't say is that there is some amusing dialogue with the audience at times). It also doesn't tell you that the "Creek Jam" is one of the most amazing Phish Jams in Phishtory, in my opinion. This is a must have tape/show, even though copies out there are usually in the B to A- range (if someone says that they have an A minus copy, it is probably really a B or B minus, though!). This is from the HFB: 8/21/87 Ian McClean's Farm, Hebron, NY I: Log, Peaches, Divided, Funky, Harry, Clod (Fluff's Travels?), Curtain, Light Up, Shaggy Dog, Wilson, Camel Walk II: Mike'S Song, Harpua* > Bundle of Joy > Harpua > Golgi > Sparks* > Flat, Fee, Skin it Back > Lowrider (w/ La Bamba lyrics), Creek Jam* > OhKePa > Sloth III: BBFCFM, Gala Event > Stir it Up > Makisupa > Bowie > Sanity, Chariot *with Out Poster and Dog story --- Dog Log is a.k.a Doggone Dog Peaches En Regalia is a Frank Zappa cover Funky Bitch is a Son Seals cover Clod is a segment of Fluff's Travels Light Up Or Leave Me Alone is a Traffic cover Shaggy Dog is a Lightning Hopkins cover Bundle of Joy is a segment of Fluff's Travels Sparks is a The Who cover, out of Amazing Journey on "Tommy" Skin it Back is a Little Feet cover Lowrider is a cover of an unknown artist Creek is a cover of an unknown artist, also listed as Crack Jam and Possum