From: Charlie Dirksen
7/23/88 Pete Danforth's House (Fabulous Phish Fest), Underhill, VT

(This has also been listed as 3/17/89, but it's really 7/23/88)

This is a very unusual Mike'sGroove, hence the review (I no longer
review all the YEMs, MikeSGrooves, etc. that I hear... just versions
that strike me as worthy).

There's a 38 second vocal jam (accompanied by someone on congas) intro
before everyone begins playing Mike's Song.  Very funky, happy opening
to this Mike's (with Mike clearly having fun with the vocals).
"Tramps" segment at 2:58, but they weren't on the tramps for this
version.  And this really doesn't sound at all like a "tramps"
segment.  Trey starts groovily and melodiously soloing right from the
start with thunderous accompaniment from Page, Mike and Fish.

Trey's soloing is exceptionally mellifluous and Santana-inspired for
an early Mike's Song.  Not the typical off-key, dangerous, evil,
vicious-chord-laden crap.  The congas add a very pleasant bottom to
this remarkably groovy Mike's Song.  Mike is also prominent on this
hissy board, which makes the version all the more RICH and PHAAAAT
through my Koss headphones.  Trey is still (around 5:22) soloing with
a purpose, firing off notes left and right -- but melodiously, with a
design of some sort.  Page's accompaniment, not to mention Mike's, is
similarly stellar for an early Mike's, and all members are clearly
listening to each other, and even lock into DEG-like, spine-tinglingly
intense jams (6:30).  Remarkable @*&^# Mike's Song for a pre-90
version!!!  This is actually far more interesting a version than many
of the last several years, in a sense, given the predominance of the
spacey, heavy-on-the-rhythm-guitar-Trey action.  Finally, at 8
minutes, the closing chords to Mike's Song kick in, and Mike starts
playing Hydrogen with about a second or two left in Mike's (by
definition a -> although arguably a > ).

Hydrogen seems a bit faster than usual. It is.  It is usually
approximately 2:55-3 minutes.  This version can't be more than about

Weekapaug kicks in at 10:41 with *Mike* (not Fish's drums) starting it
up and soloing (Congas come back in as Fish starts up).  I was
distracted.. uhhh.  It is fine.  At around 16 minutes, Trey and Page
begin singing the "Me No Are No Nice Guy" vocals only in the highest
octave of their range (similar to a few other versions).  Amusing
ending, in that they slow it down a wee bit and change key (before
correcting the key), and ending similar (not the same as) McGrupp's
(gently and serenely).  Total time 17 minutes (including Page's little
noodling at the very end), which is unsually long for a pre-92 Mike's
Groove.  It is actually one of the longest pre-92 Mike's Grooves that
I've reviewed.  B- rating, primarily for the strong Mike's Song and
Congas Factor.