From: Charlie Dirksen
5/28/89 Ian McClain's Farm, Hebron, NY (Rvwd 3/95) The Antelope at this show contains the "Been you to have any SPLIFF, man" lyric. Does anyone know the precise date of the change to Spike, or is this just an exception? ;^) This show is, or rather should be, reknowned for one of the most amazing versions of YEM ever. Known fondly as the "Poop" YEM, Trey essentially becomes Jimmy Page during it (if you are skeptical, have yourself a listen..). After this amazing version of YEM with hints of POOP and a final, awe-inspiring POOP vocal jam, a stranger comes to the mic (YEM closes the set) and says "We need a volunteer for a KEG RUN!!" There's some other discussion that the SBD/mics pick up about finding a sober driver (Moses DeWitt volunteers that he's sober.. "but not that that means anything anyway.."). ANYWAY, onto the MikeS Groove in the second set (which follows a good 'Fire'). Just before the MikeS begins, Fish and Trey do a 10 second sped-up MikeS opening, which Trey reflects upon as being "silly" after the two of them drop it.. it was amusing. In the REAL, "normal" MikeS intro, Trey asks Paul to give him more guitar in the monitors. It's a very fun, loose version, and Trey drops a "Here we go! Share it!" at one point in the opening before the first ME NO NICE GUY chorus. Mike is singing peculiarly, and Trey is goofing off a lot, as well. It's sloppy, but fun -- Trey goes "Here comes the beer!!" just before the jam segment of MikeS (well timed keg return!). Later in the jam segment of MikeS, Mike and Trey and perhaps Fish shout "Beer!" and "Blah!" (just a few times..). Trey adds a really long sustain to the jam segment. This is a very loose jam segment, compared with most from the Olde Era of 'Grooves. MikeS ends after 6 mins 45 secs or so, which I believe is probably average for this period. Just before the Weekapaug jam kicks in (after a standard H2), Trey shouts: "Paul -- give me some more hi-hat and snare drum in the monitors, and we'll take it to Weekapaug!!!" It's really a well timed quote.. the jam explodes from this point on. It's a skying, wholesome, enjoyable, bright sort of jam, but with no teases or space or anything out of the ordinary. It still has a vibrant and fun flavor to it, though, as this entire show does, frankly. I think everyone should have this show. Quality makes no difference (if you heard the music, you'd understand why). I still have to give this MikeS Groove a C+, because it is simply great, without any fancy dressings or garnishes (and is certainly not long.. 16:20 or so.. it is, of course, very fun, though). Trey himself, after the Weekapaug ends, says that that was a "short journey" to Weekapaug, Rhode Island... This show has a great solo from Zeroman in the A-Train, and a really fast SANITY. Drool over this setlist: (courtesy of the HFB) I: Divided, Antelope, Col. Forbin, Fee, Slave, Esther, Suzy, YEM II: Fire, Mike'S > Hydrogen > Weekapaug, Bathtub, Sanity, Ride Captain Ride, Peaches, A-Train, Possum, Contact (and, of course, the mysterious third set that may or may not have been at this show) III: Jam, La Grange, Sloth, Sneakin Sally, Yamar, Jesus Just Left Chicago, Funky Bitch, Split, Mango, Harry Get this show if you don't have it. Quality shouldn't be a concern to you. You can always recycle! BTW, does anyone have a copy of this show that is 1st through 3rd gen!!?