From: Charlie Dirksen
5/3/92 MSU, Union Ball, East Lansing, MI

Thanks to Jim O'Doherty for this show.  Sounds like Trey's
having a good time in the opening, mimicking Mike's lyrics
a bit and goofing off.. ;^)  he is.. =^]  Mike sounds like
he's trying to avoid laughing.  Trey says "Elliot" before
the second Me No Are No Nice Guy chorus.

Very weird Tramps segment.. there's a Oom Pah Pah signal
at 3:10 or thereabouts.  Trey doesn't break in until 3:37,
eerily chording the Mike's tramps segment theme. Kinda off
key.  It is loud and scary.. some off-key sustaining in
here.  This is truly a frightening Mike's Song.  Some of
you know how much I prefer the melodious and enchanting
Mike's Songs to this awry crap... ;)  Still, this is
definitely an above average Mike's Song for those of you
who are into the psychotic Mike's Songs.  I don't like it,
myself.  Tramps segment closing chords around 5:10 or so,
and the post-tramps segment kicks in at 5:26, and it is
terribly eerie and f*cked up sounding, too.  Trey just
sustains a lot in here, while the others march along.
Trey is deliberately trying to make as much noise as
possible (well, within reason) and is doing a damn good
job.  Final Mike's closing segment at 6:20.

Hydrogen comes in at 7:01 or so.  What a contrast.
Hydrogen is great...  Damn.  Clapping from the audience,
which sounds like it has some seriously hard core fans in
it.  This might explain why the Fluffhead at this show is
soooo good (even people who don't really like Fluffhead
should check this out if they get the chance), not to
mention the..

Weekapaug kicks in at 9:55.  Mike's opening solo is very
quick, funky, and somewhat melodious, but certainly not
all over the place. Trey almost came in to early (!).  It
is still a good opening.  This Weekapaug is very upbeat..
just rages, compared with other old versions.  I'm a bit
surprised for this tempo.. definitely a good 1/4 beat
faster than many of the '92 Weekapaugs.

Trey opens the solo low on the 'doc, but soon climbs and
trills majestically.  Very active..  DAMN!!!  Trey is
soloing quite beautifully in here, folks.. it is typically
Weekapaugian, to be sure.  Definitely very similar to the
intensity of the April 92 Weekapaugs.. (except 4/29/92..
which I disliked immensely)  Just some very solid soloing
from Trey.  The accompaniment is spectacular, as usual,
but Trey is really Caring in here.  Around 13:37 he hits a
sound I know I've heard in some recent Allman Bros jams
(not a tease, just the sound of the guitar).
Christ!!!!!!  He's trilling like a madman around 14.  A
very dramatic Weekapaug.  But short.  Closing verse at
14:30.  It too is quite fast.. damn is this fast.  Mike is
plucking away viciously.  Total time is 15:24.  B-