From: Charlie Dirksen
4/18/93 Michigan Theater, Ann Arbor, MI Opening standard. Tramps segment at the usual time. Trey comes in off-key
sustaining and screwing around. Mike's theme ending jam comes in early, about 4:40 or so (I don't have exact timings since
about 20 seconds or so of the MikeS opening is cut). There's a post tramps jam segment in here. Trey at first spins around on
very repetitive and dizzying theme.. not the typical eerie dissonant stuff. Well, eerie.. ;) just not dissonant. Page's accompaniment
is especially pleasing in here. This is an awesome post tramps segment... very funky flavor, with some great noodling, and then
Trey just outright starts playing Low Rider, and Page joins in (this takes place around 6:30). A cool Low Rider jam for about
two minutes, and then Trey starts playing YAMAR.. fantastic, spectacular segue.. AWESOME!! Fish changes the beat to
Yamar without too much difficulty.. Well, I don't have an exact time on this MikeS->Low Rider Jam, but this was definitely
awesome.. B rating. The tramps segment could have been much better than it was, but this post tramps low rider jam was
groovy.. dig? (great vacuum solo in Honey Love, fwiw!!) (thanks J.R.)