From: Charlie Dirksen
4/16/93 McCauley Theater, Louisville, Kentucky (Rvwd 7/95) Lizards was botched at this show (not stopped completely
as at the 'bush the other month, tho), but BIKE and GUMBO were good. Trey really came to play this Mike's Song. The theme
he carries is quite respectable, and the typical off-key sustained eerie bullshit that he often plays in MikeS is nowhere in this
version. He wails a lot more in this McCauley 'Groove than he does in most versions of this MikeS-era. The
post-tramps/fog/strobes segment is also very active and is -- believe it or not -- actually pleasant sounding (it works, and
doesn't sound like an improv session gone awry, as this jam is oft to do, especially in 1993). The jam does get flaky after the 8
min point (there's a steady beat, but it is an otherwise loose and disoriented jam, a patently MikeS sort of ending jam). H2
doesn't come in until 10:41 or so, making this one of the longest MikeS songs I've reviewed to date. It was a great version for
awhile, but the last few minutes -- to put it crassly -- sucked. Nothing of any value at all whatsoever happened in these last few
minutes (I'm sure the band would agree). The first 8 minutes were great, but this is what made the ending sound so blggh to my
ears. H2 is straightforward. Weekapaug kicks in at 13:50 or so... Mike's opening solo is especially active (he hits more notes
than usual). The jam is solid at first, but not spectacular. My copy of this version CUTS to side B.. then the jam goes into a brief
quiet (practically dead) period. Teases of Purple Haze are present a little, just before the jam takes off in true Weekapaugian
fashion. Unfortunately, though, comparitively speaking, this closing jam is really quite short and doesn't go anywhere interesting.
In light of the long MikeS, one might have expected this Groove to really go places. Oh well. 21 minutes or so total time. B-,
even though the MikeS is exceptionally long (and has a great tramps jam).