From: Charlie Dirksen
4/14/89  Chez Pierre, Johnson State College, Vermont

Yells of "Dark Star" from audience members before this Mike's kicks
in.  It followed a Jewel of a performance from Henrietta on "Brain."

Opening standard for old versions (same as the current versions).  So,
opening standard.  Trampolines segment at 2:30 (usual time).  Opens up
with Mike and Page grooving it out with Fish.  Trey comes in around
3:15 eerily sustaining, and he begins to solo off-tempo and spookily
(anti-melodiously, as usual for these old versions).  I confess, I
think these old anti-melodious Mike's Songs are vicious and evil (and
for this I respect them, of course), but I can't say that I enjoy them
musically.  Around 5 minutes Trey is soloing more repetitively in the
'doc's upper reaches, but nothing special.  Closing trampolines
segment chords begin at 5:28, and at 5:48 there's a post-trampolines
segment jam, which, like other old versions, doesn't last very long
(but is pretty fired up!).  Sloppy closing chords of Mike's song
around 6:30.

Hydrogen ->segues in at 6:52 (not that pretty a segue, though).  Page
dilly dallies around a bit in the Mike&Fish-driven intro.  Trey begins
the melody at 7:28.  Typical Hydrogen.  Page and Trey never really
blended that well Back Then, but whatever...  still a "pretty" song,
of course.  Trey goes a bit sharp at one point, though. Eek. Not that
DANK of a Hydrogen... a little spotty in places.  But I've heard them
play it much worse...

Weekapaug kicks in at 9:29.  Mike's opening solo is snappy and funky
as usual (not as quick and tight as he is nowadays, as you'd expect).
This opening is drawn out a bit longer than usual for these old
versions, and the Weekapaug chords don't come in until 10:22 (Page and
Trey play them to open 'paug as you know).

Jam segment at 11:22 (Trey sustains a note or two rather
haphazardly).  Doesn't sound like Trey has any melodious ideas.  He
begins searching for a theme around 12 minutes or so, but, for the
most part, noodles in a spectacularly plebeian manner for Weekapaug
(typically great, though, for pre-92).  He begins in the lower octaves
of the 'doc, repetitively noodling, before launching into higher
octaves, steadily, steadily building in intensity.  By 13:30 he's
soloing beautifully high on the 'doc, but there's Nothing New here.
Just typically grand Weekapaug soloing, with excellent accompaniment
from the others (although it sounds like Trey tried to go into the
closing section before Page was ready).

Closing segment at 14:11, and the closing lyrics begin at 14:42, after
some nice work from Page.  There's one "Me no are no nice guy" lyric
from Page... :)  Total time 15:32.  "C" rating easy:

C       Reasonably good, straightforward version.
        Not terribly interesting, or long, in light
        of many other versions, but still contains
        some meritorious jams.  Solid.

two cents