From: Charlie Dirksen
2/4/93  Providence PAC, RI

Finally.  Anyone have a crispy low gen copy of this show?  I'd be very
interested in it.. this Wedge kicks butt.  Page's opening piano
soloing is magnificent.  I have no idea why the more recent Wedges
lack this section.. it really is a shame.  But at least it has been
brought back!

Kinda slow opening.. nothing terribly special.  Tramps jam at 2:40.
Mike's grooving along with Page in the opening is nice.. not the usual
Fare.  Some tasty funk.

Trey comes in at 3:17 darkly soloing and sustaining at first, but he
does find a theme here and there.. and noodles a bit, too, even trills
a little, making this a much better Mike's Song tramps jam effort from
him than the 10/10/91 version above.  There is still nothing
especially melodious, naturally for versions of Olde, but Trey is at
least diverse with the 'doc, exploring a lot of territory, and even
JAMMING around 5:12.. ;)  Nothing teary-eyed.  At 5:30, the tramps
segment closing chords come in, and the post-tramps mode enters at
5:48, with Trey viciously sustaining and Page chording ominously.
Mike is also darkly improvising.. but then at around 6:30, a tramps
segment style of jam opens up in here, with Trey masterfully wailing
o'er the top.  Delightful.  Then the final Mike's ending jam begins at
7 minutes.

Hydrogen doesn't enter at 7:44.. not even a tease of it from Fish.
Trey starts up TMWSIY at 7:55.  The opening is drawn out an extra few
bars, and Trey only flubs one note.  Avenu Malkenu (Avinu?? how do you
properly spell this?  I dunno..) kicks in at 11:51, and it is
standard.  Mike's soloing is glorious as it usually is in this
fantastic tune.. TMWSIY Reprise at 15 minutes..

Weekapaug starts up at 16:24 right out of TMWSIY's ending.  Mike's
opening soloing is very brief.. Trey just comes in with Page after
like ten seconds, very inspired.. A very quick opening to this
Weekapaug.. a very quick Weekapaug. ;)

Jam segment at 17:51.  Trey's soloing is immediately intense, and he
quickly starts playing TMWSIY in here for a couple measures.. and then
drops back into typical Weekapaug soloing mode.  Mike is especially
groovy and melodious in this version.  YEAH!!  Just a beautiful jam in
here.  This is the sort of jam that YEAH, it would be GREAT to have a
clean DSBD of... damn is this gorgeous!  Especially Mike's melodious
improv.. Trey is rather repetitive in here.  On fire, though!  Shit!
Torching the frets on that damn 'doc.  Fish is just maintaining this
extra quick Weekapaug beat, and Page is filling as best he can (lots
of chords).  DAMN IS THIS FAST!!!!  WOW!! =^]

Trey's soloing is glorious!  Anyone who thinks Trey's a lightweight
needs to visit THIS trip to Rhode Island.. quiet jam at 21:44.. jam
drops down into a semi-quiet groove, with Page wailing away.  And at
22:05, Trey throws out that Suzy Greenberg-esque style of chording
that always brings a smile to my face.. even though it is as simple as
it is repetitive.  At 22:38, they quickly climb out of this little
groove and jam some more, but this closing jamming isn't as great as
the earlier pre-quiet mode jamming was. Final segment at 23:26.  It is
very engaging.. they just jam some more, like yet another quiet mode..
they don't start singing the closing verse until 24:15 or something,
and Trey is saying something in here.. something about daisies.. push
th' little daisies.. they are practically vocal jamming in here!!
Great, original closing jam segment, folks.  Way to kick ass, Phish!!
Mike: "Thank you.  Trying to make a woman.  Once." Total time 25:37.
B+ rating.